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Hydromit offers a package of hydraulic components for industrial and power hydraulic applications, such as straight axis and bent axis piston pumps, rotators, industrial pumps, hydraulic motors, gear pumps, hydraulic accumulators, and others. With the excellent quality to price ratio, our products have found permanent place on the demanding Polish market

We offer:

  • piston pumps
  • gear pumps
  • rotators for various kinds of grapplers
  • industrial pumps
  • hydraulic motors
  • hydraulic accumulators

We render also serwice in:

  • selection of the right product
  • professional assistance in the assembly and proper operation of purchased products

We also supply:

  • specialist hydro accumulators (hydraulic accumulators)
  • equipment for filling hydro accumulators with gas
  • micro hydraulic components
  • accessories, like hangers, hooks or flanges

With the above range of products and services, we can offer you a complete package; the variety of products from reliable manufacturers ensures the best solutions! Last but not least, we can guarantee efficient service and excellent customer service.